"This past October I had the enormous                                                                             privilege to travel back to the DR                                                                                     Congo to train pastors with the third                                                                               training, through the book of Genesis.                                                                             If you looked at our surroundings—the                                                                             side room of a church with a leaky                                                                                   roof, rustic furniture, and a tired                                                                                     chalkboard—it might not seem like we                                                                             were accomplishing anything of great significance. But nothing could be further from the truth. In that little room, my training partner and new friend Pastor John Nett, were equipping other pastors to equip still more pastors to preach the Word of God as it lies on the page. Biblical training in most of the world is rudimentary at best, but through Pathways, God is training a whole generation of pastors to preach the Word in ways that have never been seen in most of these places. I saw that in Congo, as pastors excitedly preached the things they were seeing and learning for the first time from the book of Genesis. I've seen it in my own life, as my ability to clearly explain the message of the Scriptures has grown and deepened even as I have been trained to train others. There is nothing else quite like the Pathways program in effectively training pastors to train others to preach the Word. I can hardly wait for the next trip, to see what God is doing in His work of multiplying the training, and building up His Church with His Word by His Spirit." ~ Joe Horn


"Pathways training has been a

game-changer for me. Personally,

going through the trainings has

improved my sermon preparation.

By forcing me to pay careful

attention to the text, it has made

me more faithful to the Bible,

and therefore, a better preacher.

And getting to share this powerful

method with other pastors overseas

was incredibly gratifying. I loved going to Guatemala. It was such a privilege to work with other pastors to help them grow in their skill in handling the Word. It was a great joy to see light bulbs go on for them as they began to reexamine some of their traditions in light of what the Bible actually says. I also enjoyed watching them improve in their preaching ability over the course of just a few days together. Instead of always going for the moralistic/legalistic application ("obey and God will bless you"), as they paid more attention to the text they began to notice and proclaim the gospel of grace ("since God has saved you, obey"). Pathways is an exciting multiplying movement, and I'm honored to be a part of it."  ~ Dan Leman