South Asia

Due to the sensitive areas Steve woks in his last name and photo are intentionally left out.

Steve’s first position with a local church was Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach. In this position, he led 26 short-term teams to Venezuela, Romania, and Brazil, with his wife joining him when possible. The relationships that they built with the indigenous pastors and their wives exposed them to the pressures and needs of these pastors, including the need for training on expositional preaching. Seeing these pastors’ needs deepened their commitment to continually return and partner with them in the gospel. God began to give Steve a passion for preaching, so he sought training and experience in this area.

In 2005, Steve and his wife worked with another couple to plant a church in a neighboring city, for which Steve was full-time preacher. Steve continued to obtain training on expositional preaching and began to develop a reputation for being a committed expositor.  Steve became excited to join Pathways and travel once a year to train indigenous pastors how to preach expositionally by teaching Pathways courses. It was during this training on the Pathways material, God called Steve to join ReachGlobal not just once a year but full time.  As of April 2016, Steve is now full-time with Pathways and overseeing the area of South Asia.